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Compatible Ink Cartridges: How they Evolve with Time

Printing important documents sometimes become really hectic, especially when you notice ink runs out. At the time of daisy wheel or ribbon printers, times in the 1970s all your works get hampered. All your work suffer until you have original cartridge replacement. But today, thanks to the introduction of compatible ink cartridges that makes printing convenient, when original ink cartridges are not available or ink cartridges online order in taking time.

Origin of Inkjet printers

Inkjet printers and ink cartridges introduced in 1984 and provide the printing industry with a new and convenient way of printing. In a short time, these printers become a popular choice. With the same number of brands come by offering compatible ink cartridges options. Users can choose what suits their inkjet printer requirements. It’s good to inspect manually before installing a new one.

Evaluation of Compatible Printer cartridges

After the evaluation of compatible cartridges and the high cost of original ink cartridges, people start preferring for using compatible ink cartridges.

There are mainly two types of compatible ink cartridges - recycled or remanufactured cartridges and genuine compatible ink cartridges. The former category is obtained from refilling the original ink cartridges. But, these types of cartridges leg behind from quality. Even these are non-branded cartridges and do not serve users guarantee. Whereas genuine ink cartridges are created from fresh material and good quality ink is used in them. These are manufactured by some quality brand that ensures product guarantee.
High replacement cost is the troubling issue for original ink cartridges and becomes the motivation for compatible ink cartridges. Some times these cartridges come with partially filling that runs out quickly after few pages printouts only.

Refilled Cartridges
In the 1980s, printer owners opted lowest pricing cartridge option i.e start refilling ink cartridges. This is the cheapest way to use existing cartridges. Users just need to drill holes in the cartridges and refill it back. Even extra ink is also allowed to add in the cartridge to save quick run out trouble. This development proves a good way to save ink cartridges and landfilling.
During the 1980s, many printer owners/users started to seek lower-cost cartridge alternatives. The pioneers of the cartridge industry proceeded to drill holes in the cartridges. It allowed them to add that extra ink that was needed. This development resulted in substantial savings. Simultaneously, two different business models emerged. In the first, certain individuals brought their empty cartridges to be refilled.
In the refilling age, two models develop. Here we have
  • First, printer models that have a print head built into the cartridge. Therefore, when the ink runs out ink tended to dry in the printhead that causes printing problems.
  • Secondly, the business model comes with the distribution of ink refill kits. Owners can itself fill the cartridges using kits. But there are always chances that if you do not pay much attention to ink will spill.
  • As a result, the second solution is better, but the ink refilling is the biggest issue.

1990’s evolution in printers and cartridges

Finally, in 1990, printer manufacturers start to manufacture cartridges without printhead. They installed printhead pieces into printers. This prolongs machine life and assists in making ink cartridges at the lowest possible cost.

With the change in printer cartridge design and technology, compatible ink cartridges took a special place for a replacement. There are a number of high-quality brands come to market that offers premium-quality products. Even customers get the opportunity to order an ink cartridge online and get the product at the doorstep.

Hottoner is a perfect place for ordering genuine compatible printer cartridges that suits your budget and printer need. They are best known for delivering original and compatible cartridges without any trouble.

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